Turtle Beach's Ear Force PX22 Headset Is Worth A Listen

There are a number of outstanding game headsets on the market today.  The trouble is, though, that most of them are outside the usual price range that someone would pay for said headset.  While the Sony Pulse wireless headset has utmost quality behind it, it also retails for $149.99.  And that's not even getting to the higher-end Astro Gaming and other stuff in the $200 range.  What's a mid-range spending gamer to do?

Turtle Beach has the best answer with its budget-priced PX22 headset.  This wired headset, which works with PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, goes for $79.99 – a very fair deal considering what all comes with it – and though it doesn't have all the fancy sound options you'd find in higher-range models, it's fairly good when it comes to serving the general purpose, which is giving you awesome audio feedback and letting you chat with your friends better than you could've expected.

When you first unpack the PX22 headset, you'll find it comes with an interesting remote-like amplifier that you attach to it.  This allows you to switch between a number of things in one handy little handle, whether you want to adjust the bass or treble, switch to taking phone calls or muting your voice chat, and other things.  It's a little paltry compared to the deluxe handset models, but all the options are clearly marked, and it's notably easy to use.  We had no problem switching functions and then getting right back into the game.

The headset itself is rebuilt from prior Turtle Beach models, with the MLG stamping on the side (it's the official headset of the league) and a decent headband that won't crush your skull for prolonged gameplay sessions.  There is a plastic frame, but over periods of time, it feels quite comfortable, and you can make adjustments if things get a little too tight – this headset provides plenty of room.  The padding inside also guarantees your ears won't get sore over prolonged sessions – though you'll still want to take a break every now and then.

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