Review: Hold Off Buying SimCity

It has been ten years since the last interaction of SimCity, and time has changed but not for the better. When its functioning it’s one of the addicting simulators that you will ever play, but online problems have ruined the experience. The game should have been delayed, and by not doing so Maxis Studios, and Electronic Arts have produced one of the most broken PC launches that shatters every ambition this game has.   

When SimCity is working, and at optimal settings, this is one of the most addicting experience you will ever play. Fundamentally the game is just how you remember previous installments going back to SimCity 4, and SimCity 3000. The main objective is to build the best city possible, and make sure your citizens are happy. It doesn’t seem hard, but over time as your city grows into your personal metropolis you will notice the many layers the game has.

What breathes SimCity to life is the new GlassBox Engine. When you have a full functional city it's a pleasant sight to look at. Every detail has been brought to life like they should be. From gigantic skyscrapers appear mighty in size, to the small four room houses that your citizens live in. Seeing your citizens walk on the sidewalks to school, and talking simlish gives your town personality as they will either be happy, or furious towards how you’re operating the city. I shouldn’t be surprised because Maxis Studios, the creators of The Sims have nailed this aspect before in the past, and done so again.

The biggest change in the series is that map size, which has been reduced to simple regions. The game is no longer about building from within, but expanding, and relaying on others. Citizens in your city for the first time commute from city to city. This decision fundamentally changes the pace the game plays because you can no longer build a mega city that has everything. You are going to have decide from the get go your end goal for your city, and how that influences the other cities.

For this reason it forces you to specialize. You might have to dedicate an entire city towards building residential zones, which will commute to other metropolises. Another part of your city that commutes is your unities. When everything is working, you have the option to send help to neighbor cities. With all of the positives, there are many issues with this iteration of SimCity.

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