One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Is A Kooky Ride For The Fans

Let me just go ahead and get the forewarning out of the way now – if you don't understand the One Piece universe or an understanding its characters, Pirate Warriors 2 will get you very lost, very quickly. You'll have to follow a variety of characters, including the super-stretchy Monkey D Luffy and his crewmates, as they battle super-powered enemies on the high seas for generally unexplainable reasons. So, if you're expecting a superb storytelling arc or something that makes even a lick of sense, you will totally wonder what's going on here.

Now, that said, fans of the series are in for a treat with Pirate Warriors 2. This pays them plenty of service with over-the-top combat and great characters, with over 20 to unlock in all, each with combat techniques that can wipe out a group of enemies in seconds. The game, developed by Dynasty Warriors team W-Force, follows the Musou formula, which means hundreds of enemies will come at you with very little challenge, and you'll mow them down before eventually getting to boss encounters. If you hate that style of play, this game might irk you. A lot.

That said, something should've been done about its pacing. There are times that Pirate Warriors 2 can drag, especially in the beginning once you're getting to the opening battles with just one character. It can also be jarring with its transition into cut-scenes, which are totally out of your control and may throw off your rhythm. However, once you get used to it and begin unlocking many of Monkey's teammates, the game really picks up. You can call upon others to do your pirating bidding, or rescue others – which is necessary more often than we'd prefer – and being the good guy. There's plenty to do, you just need to get there.

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