Guacamelee! Handily Headlocks Greatness

Man, who would've thought that Drinkbox Studios would be one of the better weapons in Sony's push for independent greatness?  Just a few months back, the team made a name for themselves with the release of Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack on PS Vita, the successful follow-up to its ridiculously entertaining 50's-esque About a Blob platformer.  And now, from out of nowhere, the team has struck again with an even more appealing platformer, the Metroidvania-like adventure Guacamelee!  It may sound silly, featuring a Lucha Libre-style wrestler performing feats of derring-do, but stick with it, and you'll find a platformer that's amongst the best you'll see on either the PS3 or PS Vita.

The game features Juan, a well-meaning citizen who's taken a liking to El Presidente's beautiful daughter.  However, Carlos Calaca, an evil demon who has some plans of his own, wipes the floor with the citizen and snags the woman.  However, that isn't the end of our hero, as he's reborn in an alternate world, donning a mask and beginning to adapt some super powers that give him the means to fight back in his own brutal style – even if it means transforming into a chicken.  (Believe me, that's more handy than it sounds.)

Guacamelee! is all about adapting to a great side-scrolling style.  After all, this is territory that Drinkbox knows well, as it's proven with its Tales From Space games.  Juan manages to develop some great combos over the course of the game, including some that manage to really deliver some damaging goods in the later part.  However, it's when he develops some powerful block-breaking abilities that the game opens up, whether he's smashing through red blocks with a powerful uppercut, destroying yellow blocks with a headbutt, or stomping through green blocks with a frog-inspired strike.  It's here you unlock more areas, find more secret chests, and develop Juan's abilities to what he can really be.

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