Exploring The Dark And Witty Nature Of The Cave

Thirty years ago, revered designer Ron Gilbert, of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion fame, had an idea for an adventure game and on January 23, 2013 it finally came to life. Following seven unique explorers as they venture into a talking cave (yes, a narrating cave) they delve deeper into the mystery behind their stories and their most sought after desires. But what will they need to do to get there?

Developer Double Fine Productions returns in spectacular fashion with their newest platform-adventure game The Cave capturing the very essence of the style that has made their previous games successful: stylish visuals, intriguing story and hilariously dark humor. I knew right from the opening narration that this wasn’t going to be just any ordinary adventure game and I was so glad that I was right.

You begin with a choice of seven characters, each with their own unique story and special ability which will change certain parts of The Cave as you explore through. Each one is simplistic with names like The Hillbilly, The Time-Traveller, or The Knight, but they all have a dark secret and an equally interesting backstory that you will discover in your descent. Special abilities also help to distinguish them, for example The Monk can use telekinesis to grab items through walls or from a distance which you will need to complete his part of the story or can change how you solve other puzzles. You can only select three to take at one time however and they will be locked with you until you make it to the end.

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