Darksiders II For Wii U Continues Death's Frivolous Journey

When Darksiders II came out a few months ago, it represented a changing of the guard, or so it seems.  Rather than playing as the tormented, apocalypse-starting (oops) War, you instead take control of Death, his brother in arms, as he vows to re-kickstart humanity and vindicate War in the process.  This quest is all but easy, as numerous enemies aren't too thrilled with the concept of Death's plan (especially considering, well, he's supposed to take life, right?).  As a result, the sequel was bigger and, in some ways, better, for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.  But how would Death's journey fare on the Wii U?

For the most part, not bad.  Granted, this isn't one of those third party games that go "whiz bang" when it comes to utilizing the system's best features – more on that in a second – but when it comes to walking around with a complete bad-ass, sharpened scythes in hand, and cutting down supernatural enemies like they were dwindled logs in a forest, you've got a good action game in store.

Death spends most of his time moving through darkened catacombs, abandoned buildings and open fields, seeking the next logical step when it comes to restoring the balance of humanity.  He has a few allies in his quest, including some rather large folks whose hearts are in the right place (though as big as a bowling ball, I reckon), but mostly he'll have to deal with corruption-laden creatures that want to finish Death in the worst way possible.  Good luck with that, fellas.

One huge aspect to Darksiders II is being able to "loot" for items and use them over the course of your journey.  As you defeat enemies and break open chests, you'll pick up new items, ranging from boots to weapons to decorative items.  You can switch them on the fly, or use the Wii U's GamePad to change over into something different.  The way your combat can change is quite dazzling, whether you prefer to go with a giant hammer or smaller blades that can turn an unsuspecting enemy into sashimi.  And you don't have to stay with one weapon too long, you can always switch up.

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