Castle Of Illusion Is A Welcome Return To Old-School Form

Back when I was a younger gamer – and yes, at one point, I was younger, shut up – I thoroughly enjoyed the heyday of the Sega Genesis. One of the better games to come out for that platform was Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, a game that combined the essence of the character with a bold new world to send him running through. It was challenging, but entertaining enough to keep gamers of all ages happy.

Now we have the remake, approximately 20 years later for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. But this isn't just a straight copy of the 16-bit game. Instead, it's inspired by it, a game that takes off in a bold new direction with bigger levels, better artistic design and sound quality straight out of a Disney production. It's still shorter than we would've preferred, but Castle of Illusion continues to be a stunning place to visit.

Mickey finds himself entering the castle when the evil witch Mizrabel makes off with his beloved Minnie. Guided by a helpful narrator, Mickey must bop on the heads of enemies, collect diamonds and throw apples and marbles at foes while trying to stay in one piece. The first few levels of the game are easygoing, but the difficulty quickly ramps up in the second half, forcing you to stay on your toes and time your jumps.

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