At Long Last, Mortal Kombat Graces PC – And It Was Worth The Wait

Two years ago, Netherrealm Studios finally caved and gave Mortal Kombat fans what they really wanted – a graphically super-powered fighting game with a 2D style set-up and tons of options.  The newest Mortal Kombat is easily one of the best yet, and it got even better with such additions as Kenshi, Rain and…Freddy Krueger?  Yes, the horror icon can actually hold his own in a fight.

But in true perplexing fashion, the game only shined on consoles, and PC owners never got a chance to really see what all the hubbub was about, stuck playing the classic games on MAME emulators instead.  However, at long last, Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is here for PC/Steam download – and it was worth the wait, for the most part.

The game features all the frenetic fighting action of the original game, whether you want to go straight into the arcade-style Ladder Mode (where you beat opponent after opponent to get to a nearly impossible Shao Khan) or dig into the Story Mode, where you play numerous Kombatants as they progress through their initial quests.  It's a better story mode than you might expect, offering more diversity than the usual fare.

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