The Future of MMOs

MMOs are changing the ways that people socialize on the internet.  While stories of trolls and harassment still surface (because people are people), the frequency of positive stories is also on the rise.  We are interacting with people from all around the world, making friends, sharing ideas, and just plain having a good time.  It’s no wonder that the game industry has noticed and is now pushing for multiplayer as a standard component in many of their games.  Heck, even Silent Hill has a co-op mode now.  Bungie recognized that trend as well and put lots of stock in ensuring that their next shooter was effectively a consistent multiplayer game (thought they won’t call it an MMO *sigh*).  MMOs had a big influence on all of this.  They are, in many ways, a large part of the future of gaming.

Still, the MMO formula is starting to show its age.  There is a specific style of game that MMOs tend to represent.  That third person fantasy RPG view is what everyone expects.  So it’s no surprise that different genres, like the aforementioned Destiny, are trying to inject some life into the space (pun intended).  However, it’s my opinion that the new wave of popular MMOs will be less worried about game type and more about social and dynamic content features.   It’s about giving people a unique experience all while ensuring that they are sharing it with their friends.

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