Sony Developer Tom Jones Previews Killzone Mercenary On PS Vita

Art Director Tom Jones illustrates how Kill Zone Mercenary delievers as the best FPS on PS Vita. Utilizing the PS Vitas' processing power Kill Zone Mercenary impresses gamers with stunning graphics and various styles of gameplay. Mercenary cross skilled player mode allows players to use items attained from single player mode to multiplayer. Casual gamers are introduced to KIll Zones signature visuals with it's unique art style and expansive world while hardcore fans are immersed in the full Kill Zone gaming experience with the new Vanguard system. Vanguard is a tactical device that players use to buy items for varied style of multiplayer action. Advances in mobile technology has allowed Kill Zone Mercenary to deliver 4v4, 6 multiplayer maps, three diffferent game modes which all ties into their Valor system that rewards players for wins against opponents in multiplayer gameplay.