More Game Studios Going Under

2012 was a great year for gaming, however for some studios, not so much. Over twenty gaming studios closed down last year leaving their mark on the industry forever. We'll remember the games they made, some good, some bad, and thank them for the innovation and inspiration they contributed in the gaming world.

Hudson Soft - Best known for Bomberman

Sony Liverpool - Best known for Wipeout

Spellbound Entertainment - Best known for Desperados

Zipper Interactive - Best known for Solcom

ImaginEngine - Best known for Apples to Apples

Rockstar Vancouver - Best known for Max Payne 3

BigBig Studios - Best known for Pursuit Force

THQ San Diego - Best known for UFC/Warhammer/DarkSiders

Black Hole Entertainment - Best known for Heroes of Might & Magic

Big Huge Games - Best known for Rise Of Nations

38 Studios - Best known for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

HB Studios Halifax - Best Known for NBA Baller Beats

Paragon -Best known for City of Heroes

Not all games can be blockbusters, and not all games can be lucrative. This begs the question, where will we see these developers in the future? Gearbox? Treyarch? Only time will tell.