Kevin Riepl Talks About Scoring Aliens: Colonial Marines

Kevin Riepl is a composer who recently won the Global Music Award for The Aggression Scale. For many video game fans you have heard his work in Epic’s Gear of War series, and the PSVITA exclusive, Resistance: Burning Skies. Riepl is known for creating ear-catching soundtracks in video games that help enhance the gameplay experience. His latest score, Aliens: Colonial Marines takes place after the events of the 1986 James Cameron Aliens movie. Kevin Riepl talk to us about his latest score, and gave us his view on the Alien franchise.  

GamerHub.TV: Did you grow up watching the Alien movie franchise?

Kevin Riepl: I did and I loved them. Even the poorly executed ones I enjoyed due to the evolution of Giger’s original ALIEN design, the special effects and creature design.

GamerHub.TV: Any preferred favorite in the series?

Kevin Riepl: I would have to say ALIENS mainly because it had more Aliens in it than ALIEN and was a faster-paced film. But both of those films are two different types of film experiences. ALIEN could be considered a horror film and I love it for what it is.

 GamerHub.TV: What did you think of Prometheus?

Kevin Riepl: I know Prometheus is accused of having many faults; some I even agree with. However, these did not prevent me from enjoying the film at all. I took it at face value, and I didn’t go in having high expectations. I just wanted an enjoyable movie experience that could possibly be related to the same universe as my favorite films. To me, it delivered and answered the questions I was curious about. Yes there were many loopholes in the story, but like I said, the film was still enjoyable.

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