Hollywood Actors Tara Platt And Yuri Lowenthal Discuss Philip K Dick Movie The Crystal Crypt

Sci-fi fans will have the opportunity to have dinner at Encounter Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA with stars Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal to support Philip K. Dick Sci-fi Film The Crystal Crypt. They will discuss everything from E.T.'s to the excitement of making movies to the wonders of space travel at this incredible space-themed eatery. An evening of fun and wonders. It's part of a Kickstarter project for Philip K. Dick's The Crystal Crypt -- http://su.pr/1MftFv. Tara Platt talks about the project in the exclusive video interview below.

Many people know the work of Phillip K. Dick (Blade Runner Total Recall), but in recent years interest in his short stories have become increasingly popular. When director Shahab Zargari and his brother writer Shahram Zargari started searching for an intriguing story to base their new short film, sparks flew. What they found was a “lost” gem. The Crystal Crypt was first published in the January 1952 edition of Planet Stories magazine. The setting in the distant future, with Earth and Mars on the verge of war and the last spaceship to leave Mars for Earth is suddenly stopped by Martian soldiers in search of three saboteurs who have destroyed a Martian city.  The story has a surprising conclusion, as is true with many of Dick’s most popular novels.
In independent filmmaking, the question is always: how can we get funding? But with a Sci-Fi genre film, the second question is how to make a journey through outer space look real, like Star Trek or Star Wars.

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