Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack Actor Dameon Clarke Talks Video Games

Borderlands 2 voice actor Dameon Clarke gives us some perspective on his narcissistic character Handsome Jack and some of the crazy lines that made it into the game. He shares with us his love for GTA, what he's looking for in 2013 and his favorite game to play in 2012 in this exclusive interview from 2012 VGA's red carpet.

Nomination best male. How does that feel?

Human male is that the category? It was best human on the planet or in California?

The planet sounds good to me.

Best human male. Right. No. Yeah, I’m excited. It’s great.

And what goes into being an actor in a videogame these days?

It’s just –- in this case it was just act as bad and crazy as I could. Could I swear in this thing? I don’t
know. Okay. Good. Bad shit, crazy. That was what it was. My character is just so nuts. I mean having
a lot of fun with it. It depends on the project, right?



And tell us a little bit more about your character.

Are you familiar with the game?

A little bit.

A little bit? I’m the same way.

A little bit.

He’s just like a complete narcissist megalomaniac, freak show that just really enjoys killing people way
too much and the kind of stupid shit that we said in this game I can’t believe half of it made it into it. IT
was just crazy. I don’t know. Does that answer your question? I don’t even know if –

It does a little bit. What didn’t make it in?

What went into it was just, yeah, craziness. I mean there was some lines man like scooping people’s
eyeballs out with spoons. You know yeah. Just weird shit. When we were recording it I was like there’s
no way half this stuff is going to make it into it but it did. I was like all right great.

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